Artist Statement

In my work, I am interested in the connection between imagination, walking and storytelling, and in the relationship between nature and man across different regions. Fieldwork is an important part of my practice. With the help of the local people, I try to approach the land in its complicity, as a source of history, language, imagination and thought. The resulting work comes in form of installations, which incorporate photography, video, sound, text and drawings.
I think of fieldwork not as a one-sided process, but as collaboration with people creating a dialogue about our shared experiences.
As a way of collaboration with local people, and as a way of artistic expression, I explore walking. I conduct walking and mapping workshops, with the aim to help us be more conscious about the environment, to learn about our perception and imagination of the landscape, and help us to express our knowledge.
Through various artistic practices and physical interactions with the landscape we do not only become more knowledgeable, but can also find our way to live in the ever-changing world. Maybe this connection with the land is what makes us human.

Elena Tutatchikova

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